Ways to Prevent Dry Skin in Elderly Adults

senior woman applying facial creamOur skin becomes drier and more delicate as we age. As reported by Medscape, up to 75% of older adults endure dry, flaky skin, which is not only easily damaged (cut, scratched, or bruised), but also frequently results in uncomfortable itchiness.

The most prevalent places for dry skin in elderly adults are the elbows, lower legs, and forearms. For older adults who are less mobile than they were previously, dry skin may possibly also play a role in the development of bed sores from staying in one position too long in either a bed or chair.

Dry skin can be the result of the loss of sweat and oil glands. If your senior loved one is encountering the distress of overly dry skin, Live Well at Home can help! Try these recommendations to help rehydrate skin:

  • Avoid hot showers and baths. Warm water is less drying to the skin.
  • Encourage the individual to bathe less often if feasible. While hygiene is necessary, the utilization of “dry baths” (with a moistened bath towel) might be adequate between baths and showers.
  • Use mild shampoos and soaps on the older adult’s skin. If the person’s scalp or skin is extremely dry, there are particular products, such as Nizoral, that could help.
  • Moisturize the individual’s skin very well, particularly after showering or bathing.
  • Use products that are unscented, as scented products may further aggravate the skin.
  • Make sure the senior drinks an adequate amount of liquids.
  • Consider using a humidifier in the cold weather or in dry environments.
  • If the older adult smokes, urge him or her to quit.
  • Incorporate stress-reducing activities into the older adult’s daily routine.
  • Make sure he or she uses sunscreen when going outside, and minimize exposure to the sunshine.

It’s a great idea to examine your senior loved one’s skin on a frequent basis to see if there are any signs of excessively dry skin, and obtain medical care if needed.

Our trained staff at Live Well at Home can offer hourly or live-in care assistance with bathing and dressing, toileting or incontinence, and many other personal care tasks to help keep older adults safe and in a healthy condition at home. We also supply a wide range of in-home support with light housekeeping, cooking, running errands, providing transportation, companionship, and so many other services for those in need of senior care in Sacramento.

Contact us at 916-459-3220 today to set up an in-home assessment. We can help you and your loved one decide what level of care and services are best for his or her specific needs.

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