Best Methods for Teaching Seniors to Use Technology

Teaching Seniors to Use Technology
Live Well at Home is your go-to resource for helping seniors incorporate technology into their home care.

These days, older adults are flooded with an explosion of hi-tech products focused on elevating their self-reliance and safety and providing life enhancement. With just a touch of a button or two, they can automatically pay a visit “in person” with family and friends through Skype, wear a necklace that responds with emergency help and support when required, and even stay safe from wandering away with specialized receptors attached to clothes or shoes.

The issue with teaching seniors to use technology is shifting from a low-tech mindset to enjoying all that’s available to them, something that’s continually top of mind for us at Live Well at Home. AARP notes that only about 7% of adults providing senior care are utilizing technology in their care, but that 71% would like to know more about technology that would make their caregiving tasks easier. Why is there such a wide gap between interest and usage of these technological solutions?

Several frequent obstacles:

  • The stigma. Some people may see the use of specific technology, like medical alert pendants, as the loss of their independence.
  • Finding help. Troubleshooting problems with technology causes many older adults and their caregivers to quit attempting to get devices to work.
  • Lack of time. Carving out time to learn and try something new is very challenging for busy families who take care of their loved ones.

If you’d like to try to incorporate health care technology into senior caregiving but are dealing with these difficulties, call on Live Well at Home for help. Our qualified and patient care professionals can help conquer the technological barriers by:

  • Recommending technology that suits a senior’s personality and challenges
  • Setting up and providing instruction on how to use the technology

Whether it is educating on how to enjoy software on a tablet, or arranging for a personal medical alert system, we can keep seniors connected to family and friends and help them enjoy life to the fullest. Email or call our care team any time at 800-478-1209 to learn more about our senior home care in Sacramento and surrounding areas. To learn more about the other areas we serve in California, please visit our Service Area page.

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