Home Care Rocklin: Promoting Senior Independence Through Compassionate In-Home Care

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Learn how an in-home caregiver can help promote senior independence.

Is your older loved one resisting the fact that he or she is in need of some additional help at home? Senior independence is a top priority, and one of the greatest concerns older adult have as they age is the loss of independence and the ability to reside at home. As a result of this fear, it can be very difficult to ask for or to accept the help needed. If you’re going through this problem, Live Well at Home and our team in home care in Rocklin and the surrounding area has some helpful ideas to try:

  • Introduce the older person to the care provider before care begins to develop a relationship so that the caregiver is not considered a stranger.
  • If the older adult is afraid of having a person he or she isn’t acquainted with in the home, consider having a family member present for the first few visits.
  • Live Well at Home can help with selecting a caregiver who shares hobbies and interests with the senior, like church or pastimes. This can make having a caregiver seem more like companionship.
  • Make home care seem more attractive by presenting the alternate options for the senior, like moving in with a relative, moving into a nursing home, etc.
  • Place the focus on yourself. Let the senior know that you realize he or she is very self-sufficient, but having someone in the home will help you worry less.
  • Begin small with a test run. Have an in-home caregiver come in one day a week for a few hours just to tackle some light housework or laundry and then build up to more care after the older person is more comfortable.

Live Well at Home of Rocklin and the surrounding area can help you navigate this complicated time with your loved one and find the ideal care plan. Whether the senior’s need is for just a couple of hours each week, full-time, around-the-clock care, or anything in between, we can help in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Light housecleaning and laundry
  • Errand-running
  • Transportation and accompaniment to appointments and outings
  • Personal care tasks
  • Specialized care for dementia and other chronic diseases
  • And a great deal more

We understand how overwhelming it can be when older adults feel like they’re giving up their independence. Contact us today at 800-478-1209 to find out how our home care Rocklin services and our exceptional caregivers serving throughout several California cities can help you and the senior you love!

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