What You Need to Know About Kidney Disease

Kidney Disease - sacramento elder careItching. Hiccups. Loss of appetite. Sleep problems. These are just a few of the seemingly harmless warning signs that might signal kidney disease. And with approximately 20 million people in the U.S. contending with the disease, and many more undiagnosed, it’s important to bring any troublesome signs to the attention of your doctor.

If kidney disease is the culprit, these recommendations from the National Kidney Center can help you or your loved one adjust and thrive:

Stay well informed. Knowledge provides power, and understanding as much as possible about the disease will be helpful towards effectively handling it.

Stay in control. It is inherently the responsibility of the person with kidney disease, or his or her family caregiver, to be alert to symptoms, record test results and treatments, and be responsible for the management of the disease and daily life choices.

Stay healthy. Sticking to a kidney-friendly dietary strategy, partaking in doctor-approved physical activity routines, and taking medications as prescribed are all important for sustaining optimal health.

Stay productive. Both mental and physical wellness are positively impacted when we have meaningful work to do that has an effect on the lives of other people. Working or volunteering with a cause of interest can boost overall wellbeing.

Stay proactive. Develop a plan for the future that incorporates treatment choices to consider if the condition were to change or become worse.

Most of all, it’s important for people with kidney disease – and any other health issue – to continue being socially connected with friends and loved ones who can uplift and inspire them. Live Well at Home, providers of Sacramento elder care, can provide additional companionship, along with a full range of professional home care services, such as:

Planning and preparing nutritious meals

Personal care and hygiene assistance

Transportation to doctors’ appointments/medical procedures

Maintaining a clean home environment

Exercise routines

And so much more, customized to each person’s individual needs and wishes

You can contact us online  or call any time at 916-459-3220  to ask us any questions you may have about our Sacramento elder care. We look forward to improving and enhancing quality of life for your senior loved one!

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