Home Safety Tips for Seniors for the Holidays

Senior with xmas treeThe holidays present a great chance for you to visit with senior loved ones that you may not have been able to spend a lot of quality time with for a while. It can also be a perfect time to be sure that your senior loved one’s holiday is safe on top of being festive. Whether your older loved one is spending the season in your home or his or her own, following these home safety tips for seniors can ensure that everyone’s holiday is merry and bright.

Safe Decorating:

In the senior’s home, or your own if he or she will be spending some time there:

  • Use basic decorations that won’t create clutter. Always confirm that there is plenty of space to walk.
  • Be sure to keep extension cords out of the way of walking areas to protect against falling over them.
  • Remove candles and replace with bright centerpieces of fruit or flowers, or consider using battery powered candles.

Safe Lighting:

While bright holiday lights are lovely, be sure to keep these thoughts in mind when senior individuals are nearby:

  • Make sure that all areas of the home are properly lit. Subdued holiday lighting can mask fall hazards and make it challenging seeing around furnishings in the home.
  • Put a nightlight in the bedroom and bathroom the senior will be using and make sure light switches are easily accessible.

Floor Safety:

With the many holiday decorations, tripping threats can become a concern for senior individuals throughout the holidays, so remember to:

  • Keep floors clutter-free.
  • Keep exterior sidewalks clear.
  • Rearrange furniture so people can comfortably move around it.
  • Put non-slip pads underneath rugs.
  • Keep rambunctious family pets from playing around while the older individual is walking through the house.
  • Identify a special out-of-the-way space for children to play with their new toys while the older person is visiting.

It’s crucial to identify the special care needs of older adults during the holidays in order to make their home, or visits to your home, safe and fun. If you’d like more information on home alterations to help make holidays safer for seniors, or any other in-home care needs, contact the experts in senior care in Sacramento at Live Well at Home. We can provide an in-home safety evaluation to make sure the home is as safe as can be for your senior loved one, recommend adaptations, and provide a full range of care services. You can reach us any time through our online form or by calling 916-459-3220.

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