For an Alternative Independent Living Experience, Look to Home Care

The availability of home care enables independent living in the comfort of home.

When frailty or chronic ailments cause questions to arise about a senior’s ability to remain safely at home, professional home care agencies, like Live Well at Home, present a practical solution.  Home care services enable older adults to experience safety and security, while preserving the comfort and familiarity of home and their hometown community.

For instance, consider these leading ways that the alternative independent living options of in-home care services can help seniors:

  1. Home care contributes to an improved contentment with life.
  2. Professional home care promotes dignity, independence and comfort for older individuals.
  3. Home care stimulates healing. Research has shown that patients heal more rapidly in the home with support compared to a hospital or nursing home; and the utilization of home care services creates a significantly lower likelihood of re-hospitalization during recovery.
  4. Home care helps families stay together, empowering them to be more involved in the senior’s care.
  5. Home care offers personalized care customized to the needs of the family and the individual.
  6. Aging care services at home are provided one-on-one, offering exclusive attention and care. The senior is never required to wait for his or her turn among others who also need care.   
  7. An in-home caregiver can prepare wholesome and nutritious meals that meet individual preferences and can also monitor the total amount consumed.
  8. A tailored daily exercise program recommended by a physician can be implemented, with the added safety of a professional caregiver being present.
  9. The security of the familiarity of home is priceless. There is tremendous value in simply relaxing in a favorite chair or enjoying a daily cup of coffee in a familiar breakfast nook.
  10. Home care offers accompanied transportation to and from countless medical appointments, social events or errands, allowing families to spend more quality time together with greater peace of mind.

Live Well at Home’s professional care experts provide tailored senior care in Roseville and the surrounding area, serving each individual’s distinct needs, making improved safety and wellbeing possible, right in the comfort of home. Contact us online or at 1-800-478-1209 for more information about this alternative independent living option, our service areas, or to request a free in-home assessment.

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