Finding a Voice in Music

Music has the ability to transcend language, culture and time. Residents within Eskaton are sparking new connections using an innovative therapeutic music platform created by Southern California based company SingFit. The music-therapist-designed program is a cognitive and physical stimulation exercise created specifically to keep the mind and body engaged.

The SingFit facilitator training begins with certified music-therapist Andy Tubman playing a song on his iPad asking the group how they feel. “Happy, relaxed, alive, awake” were all answers given by the future facilitators. Music when used appropriately can shift mood, manage stress, stimulate positive interactions and support brain health.

Trained facilitators lead residents on different musical journeys that can include trips across the globe, American cinema, show tunes, and more. Each session is uniquely tailored to fully engage each participant through singing, movement, trivia and reminiscence. The beauty of the program is in its adaptability to fit the unique needs of all residents from those living independently to those in memory care.

Each session is as unique as the rhythmic cues that compose each song. Activity Director of Eskaton FountainWood Lodge, Sharon Wold, thought to include an intergenerational component to the program and was delighted to see young children enthralled with history through song. Live Well at Home volunteer, Kathy Kirth, brings the joy of the program to the residents of Eskaton Care Center Fair Oaks when they find spiritual connection through spiritual hymns.

Are you interested in learning more about either participating in a SingFit session at an Eskaton community or learning how to become a trained volunteer? Eskaton will be holding a volunteer training for talented singers, musicians or performers that are eager to share their talents with the community. For more information please call Darlene Cullivan: (916) 334-0810.

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