Why Creating Unique Care Plans for Every Senior Is Better Than the Cookie Cutter Approach

senior care in SacramentoThe greatest thing about humankind is that every one of us is completely unique, and that does not change merely because of growing older. As we grow older, we remain the unique and multifaceted individuals that we have been our whole lives. Assuming that all seniors will act the same and need the same things is a cookie cutter approach that just doesn’t work for older individuals or loved ones who help care for them. Being a caregiver for older adults in Sacramento involves a thoughtful and careful approach that enables the caregiver to determine just who an older adult is and what his or her distinctive needs are to identify the best plan of care to keep the senior healthy and well at home.

And just as there are many unique types of people with different needs, there are also many different types of Sacramento in-home care services and providers. Discovering which type of services, or combinations of services, are ideal for your loved one can help the person live a happier, healthier life at home. Working with a licensed, bonded, and well respected Sacramento senior care provider like Live Well at Home is also extremely important.

When it is time to look for home care for a loved one, a geriatric care assessment for daily function, depression, and mental condition is an important step that a first-rate home care provider will offer to determine what sorts of services are warranted for an older adult.

A geriatric care assessment is designed to:

  • Assess all of the difficulties and challenges that a senior may be going through
  • Develop a coordinated care plan to place emphasis on interventions for outlined issues
  • Determine an older adult’s access to supports that can help him or her safely live in the home
  • Uncover care needs and the frequency of care that should be provided

After completion, a geriatric care assessment can lead to:

  • Improved health outcomes
  • Postponing the beginning of disability
  • Understanding changes in health before they worsen
  • Enhanced quality of life
  • Saving on health care expenses
  • Recognizing rehabilitation needs
  • Planning services to increase safety
  • Discovering early-stage disease
  • Establishing a senior’s capability to care for himself or herself
  • Identifying and addressing fall risks

During a geriatric care assessment, a home care professional should also take the time to get to know the older adult for whom care will be provided – his or her life history, likes and dislikes, and sense of humor. Care should also be taken to get to know the family caregivers better. Learning about family dynamics, personal history, hobbies and interests, and more can all help in-home caregivers customize the care they provide to the individual people they serve.

At Live Well at Home, we’re dedicated to supporting the independence and dignity of each and every individual we serve. When health conditions and life stages lead to the need for a little extra help or even full-time care, we know the changes that follow can be complicated, emotional and stressful. We can help you assess your loved one’s care needs and identify the best type of in-home care services to ensure your loved one’s independence at home. Contact us online or call 916-459-3220 to find out more or to set up an assessment in the Sacramento area.


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