Breathe Easier with These COPD Care Tips from Live Well at Home

She's enjoying the beautiful dayIf you find yourself providing COPD care for a senior family member, you probably know that outdoor air pollution can intensify symptoms. However, did you know that lower air quality in the home can also be problematic? Cleansing the air in the home can help everyone breathe better and be more comfortable.

Keep the COPD care tips below in mind:

  • No Smoking! Be sure not to smoke or allow anyone else to smoke in the home. If there is a wood stove or fireplace in the home, be aware that it can also be a source of irritation for a person with COPD.
  • Lessen Exposure to Chemicals. Household chemicals like paint and cleaning products can magnify COPD symptoms, so cut down on the use of harsh chemicals and make sure lids are on cleaning products if not in use. Also, there are healthier cleaning alternatives like baking soda and vinegar that can be used instead.
  • Cut Down on Dust. Wash bed linens each week, get rid of clutter, and keep pets off furniture in order to minimize dust levels.
  • Filter Air. Set up an indoor air filtration device and make sure it has a HEPA filter. Although air pollution is not as bad in some rural areas as it is within the city, you can still definitely benefit from filtering your air and clearing away any potential irritants or toxins.
  • Sweep the Floors. Ensuring that floors are clean cuts back on dust and allergen buildup. Keep in mind that hardwood floors are easier to maintain in an allergen-free state than carpeted floors.
  • Use a Humidifier. Dry air from the home’s heating system can worsen COPD problems, as can air that is too moist. About 40% humidity inside the home is ordinarily ideal for an individual with COPD.

COPD patients can breathe easier with the help of Live Well at Home’s skilled Sacramento home care experts and our senior care services that offer:

  • Education about COPD disease management
  • Exercises to improve symptoms
  • Nutrition and dietary guidance
  • Psychosocial support
  • Skills to best contend with symptoms

Our professionally trained care team will first determine individual service requirements and then develop a care plan in coordination with a client’s medical providers. Whether the need is for just a couple of hours once a week to allow family members to take a break, or if a senior requires full-time, 24-hour care – or anything in between – Live Well at Home is here to help with personalized in-home care. Contact Live Well at Home today at 916-459-3220 to learn more about the ways in-home care can help.

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