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Transforming Dementia Care Difference

The Transforming Dementia Care Difference

Most people desire to age in place in their own home, if at all possible. Quality home care must adapt to the evolving needs of those with dementia. At Live Well at Home we understand that Alzheimer’s and other dementias affect the entire family, not just the individual that gets this disease. Live well is committed to helping families get exceptional support and dementia care while enabling their loved one to remain in their home as long as possible.

Live Well’s Transforming Dementia Care allows loved ones with dementia to receive the daily care they need while allowing them to remain in the place where they feel most comfortable and safe – home.

Live Well at Home by Eskaton combines the expertise of our  care navigators and Live Well Transforming Dementia Care Partners, to bring your loved one and family a person-centered, activities-based memory care program at home.

Our highly-trained Live Well care partners have experience with helping people and their families deal with the challenges that caring for a loved one with dementia brings about on a daily basis.

We’re dedicated to helping your loved one living with the debilitating effects of Alzheimer’s or other dementias remain at home while enjoying the highest quality of life possible.

No matter how challenging things get, we can help your loved one have a good day every day.

We provide in-home care for people with dementia who need a lot of care (normally 4 to 8 hours or more per day) over a longer period of time. We work to maintain a continuity of care for your loved one and our Live Well Transforming Dementia Care Partners.

Our assessment is incredibly detailed and goes all the way back to a person’s childhood

In order to create activities which offer the right amount of stimulation and are of interest to the participants we ask the family to use their “link” to enter their loved one’s history into our assessment. We then use their hobbies and history to design meaningful, engaging activities. We don’t force them to do activities which are too difficult, too child-like or have no interest to them.

We constantly monitor the progress of the disease so that we can adapt daily tasks and activities to be appropriate for current level of dementia.

We realize that there are often root causes to problematic behaviors rather than simply blaming it on the disease. We attempt to figure out these causes and come up with solutions which address the problems. This can often lead to less need for medication, restraints or institutionalization.

Our Transforming Dementia Care program is designed for regular, consistent engagement and structure to provide the routine needed for your loved one’s well-being.


Dementia CareWe treat our clients with the respect they deserve.

Create a day that is enjoyable and provides meaning and purpose

By having our clients participate in essential activities (eating, bathing, toileting etc.) along with productive and wellness activities (when appropriate), it builds self-esteem and allows the person to feel as though they can still participate in life. These positive feelings contribute to an overall level of satisfaction which reduces behavior problems and leads to an overall happier person.

Integrated Eden Alternative® philosophy

  • Live Well at Home is committed to transforming the traditional models of care into person-directed approaches that put the individual first.  Live Well at Home has integrated the Eden Alternative® into the Transforming Dementia Care program and is committed to the creation of vibrant, life-affirming living environments, where everyone has opportunities for growth, regardless of their age or abilities.
  • This program empowers care partner teams, composed of families, care professionals, and the Elder themselves to ensure the independence, dignity, and continued growth and development of the whole team by eliminating loneliness, helplessness, and boredom for all. This in-depth Transforming Dementia Care program is supervised by our professional staff of Care Navigators and care staff.

Two Levels of Care

We Offer Two Levels of Care under our Transforming Dementia Care Program:

  • Companion care: This level of care is just what it sounds like—we offer the client companionship, safety, and dignity PLUS a person-centered, activities-based, team-focused dementia care plan designed to enrich their life and make yours a little easier.
  • Personal care: This level of care includes companion care and also thoughtful, compassionate assistance with dressing, eating, toileting and bathing PLUS a person-centered, activities-based, team-focused dementia care plan designed to enrich their life and make yours a little easier.

Additionally, we offer our regular Companion and Personal Home care options for those clients with dementia that do not wish to enroll in the Transforming Dementia Care program.

Live Well at Home by Eskaton is uniquely able to provide the combination of well-trained transforming dementia care partners and care navigators to manage whatever is needed to provide the best care possible to your loved one at home.


We think our value is evident in our clients’ abilities to thrive.

  • Our pricing differs from traditional home care for the simple reason that we pay our Live Well Transforming Dementia Care Partners a higher wage and put them through a more extensive person-centered, activities-based dementia care training program. We do this so we can hire and retain the best people. We also know that for our Transforming Dementia Care program to make a difference it needs to be consistent. For everyone involved, it is truly a long-term relationship intended to improve the quality of life of the client and his/her family.
  • To maintain the consistency needed on this program there is a minimum commitment to care under the Transforming Dementia Care program.
    Another aspect of our business model that causes our pricing to differ from other home care agencies and programs is that we invest a lot of time upfront in making sure that the Transforming Dementia Care assessment and care plan provides the client the best chance for enrichment and engagement.
  • We do our research on your loved one, conducting a thorough dementia care assessment, provide the family a link for access to complete the client’s background and life history, and create a detailed care plan so the Transforming Dementia Care Partners who care for your loved one are the right fit and have the activities created than matter to your loved one. The benefits of this up-front effort are tremendous, and include the ability to overcome a client’s resistance to receiving care, mitigating and relieving challenging behaviors, and restoring peace and harmony to your family’s daily functioning.
  • We also provide a tablet to be used in the home, to provide access by our Transforming Dementia Care Partner to the structured daily plan that has been established for the client and the recording of engagement levels for each activity.
  • Families have access to their own Family Dashboard to provide updates on daily activities and view client responses and engagement levels.
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