Person-Centered, Activities-Based Care

Person-Centered, Activities-Based Care

Live Well at Home’s Transforming Dementia Care program is the most complete and innovative in-home dementia care system aimed at helping people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia to live more engaged and safely at home.

  • Many home dementia care plans lack structure and can leave your loved one in front of the TV or sleeping all day. This leads to lower self-esteem and frustration, which often evolves into problematic behaviors such as agitation and wandering.

Creating a predictable day with essential tasks and meaningful activities can help your loved one live a happier, fulfilled life in the comfort of their home. The end result is the person with dementia is happier and safer and their family caregiver finds the stress relief they so desperately need.

  • With Live Well’s Transforming Dementia Care program, our clients are offered a daily schedule which includes tasks and activities, appropriate for their level of engagement, that create a meaningful and enjoyable day.
  • Activities are based on our client’s personal interests and current functional level of dementia. Initially, a Live Well Care Navigator, who is a transforming dementia care specialist, comes to the client’s home to do an in depth assessment. From this assessment, and the family’s input via their family link with the client’s in-depth history, custom software assists in determining the functional level of dementia for a client and assists in creating a daily schedule or Activity Pyramid.

Creating meaningful days and enabling more independence

  • Building a meaningful day involves not only scheduling activities that are essential activities, (like eating, drinking and bathing), and recuperative activities (that allow a client time to rest and recuperate), but also includes scheduling specific activities that focus on wellness, enjoyment and feeling productive or useful.
  • Live Well’s Caregivers are specially trained Transforming Dementia Care Partners
    • Live Well Care Partners with advanced dementia training are hand selected to provide care for clients and they receive advanced dementia training and ongoing support and education from our Live Well Care Navigators.

Reassessment visits allow for changes in activities and approach based on a client’s changing abilities, identified problems and the quality of life assessments conducted at each visit.

  • Regular follow-up visits are performed by a Live Well Care Navigator  to re-assess current level of dementia and make changes to activities according to results. Additionally, Quality Of Life assessments are performed regularly to determine the success of the program and resolve problems.

Special activities

  • The planned activities include the use of special books written specifically for dementia clients and custom puzzles can even be created using client specific family pictures, all done to match a client’s current ability level.

Family support

  • Families and other caregivers receive ongoing support, as well as education and personalized training from our Care Navigators using our Care Manual as well as attending the Family Caregiver Support Groups sponsored by Live Well at Home.
  • The Live Well integration of the Eden Alternative® philosophy affirms that care is not a one-way street, but rather a collaborative partnership. All caregivers and care receivers are described as “care partners,” each an active participant in the balance of giving and receiving. Together, care partner teams strive to enhance well-being by eliminating the three plagues of loneliness, helplessness, and boredom.

Download Family Support Group information

Even with the best planning, there are still going to be challenges. Our program is designed to help identify the root cause of the problem and then suggest possible solutions.

We’re dedicated to helping your loved one living with the debilitating effects of Alzheimer’s or other dementias remains at home while enjoying the highest quality of life possible.

The end result is the person with Alzheimer’s is happier and safer and their caregiver finds the stress relief they so desperately need.

We believe that people with dementia still have feelings, desires, wants and needs. By creating a predictable day filled with essential tasks required for daily living and meaningful activities which match their current level of dementia, they can live much happier and fulfilled lives in the comfort of their own home.

Live Well at Home providing in home dementia care at the highest standard.

Let’s talk about your loved one with dementia to see if we can help.

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