How to Best Help Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors

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How to Best Help Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors

Taking care of a loved one who has had a traumatic brain injury can be easier to manage when armed with education and understanding. The guidelines below, courtesy of the Roseville elderly home care experts at Live Well at Home, can lessen stress and frustration for both family caregivers and traumatic brain injury survivors.

Could Your Blood Pressure Readings Be Inaccurate?

If you have been diagnosed with heart disease or diabetes or simply high blood pressure, chances are your doctor has advised you to take ongoing, regularly scheduled blood pressure readings with a home blood pressure monitor. Yet how do you know that the readings you take are dependable? And besides, what do those numbers even… Read more »

Celebrate Women’s Heart Month with the SWAN Challenge!

Everybody knows the story regarding the ugly duckling who turned out to be a lovely swan. The apparent moral of this story is that many things, upon first appearance, are not what they seem to be. It is with this story in mind that Live Well at Home, top providers of the home care services… Read more »

The New Formula for Healthy Eating for Seniors

It’s well known that a wholesome diet is essential for a healthy body. What some people don’t understand, though, is that as we get older, our dietary needs change. Researchers at Tufts University have developed the MyPlate formula, an upgrade on the previous food pyramid, which includes updated and improved dietary advice for healthy eating… Read more »

Senior Health Tips for Dietary Concerns Regarding Aging Parents

A parent’s love for his or her kids knows no age restrictions. And parents of any age want to shield their children from worries and concerns, which in many instances leads to minimizing their own concerns and worries. And when families live far apart from each other, it can be difficult to assess how healthy… Read more »

Experience the Joy & Wonder of the Holidays with a Senior Loved One

Although the yuletide season is generally thought of as a time that is joyous, full of spending time with those who are nearest and dearest, for older individuals, it can be anything but merry and bright. A combination of lost loved ones, memories of past holidays, health problems and more can impact seniors with lonesomeness… Read more »

Help Your Senior Loved One Enjoy Holiday Outings

The holidays are brimming with parties, celebrations, and get-togethers. Nonetheless, for an older loved one, holiday outings warrant a little supplemental planning and preparation. Follow these pointers from the Sacramento CA dementia care experts at Live Well at Home to be able to ensure fun and relaxed outings with loved ones of all ages this… Read more »

Four Key Senior Care Questions Answered

It’s becoming apparent that it isn’t safe for Dad to remain at home alone, and so naturally, you know just where to turn for answers, right? No? Rest assured – there are many, many others in your situation. Millions of Americans are encountering the same concern, and most people don’t know a lot about home… Read more »

How to Help Your Aging Parents in the Sacramento, CA Area Remain at Home

In the course of growing older, many seniors start to experience difficulties with day-to-day activities, like bathing, dressing, planning and preparing meals, and driving safely, which can lead to the fear that the end result will be a loss of independence, and perhaps even the loss of living at home as well. However, there is… Read more »

Home Care for Veterans: What You Need to Know

Very often, families assume that as long as their loved one is covered by Medicare, covering the cost for care at home isn’t an issue to which they need to give consideration. Regrettably, this is a common misconception. As we shared in a previous blog post, most people use private funds in paying for care… Read more »

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